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There are literally endless options for men to increase their penile size, but the options for permanent medical procedures to increase size is very limited. Permanent enhancement methods are generally surgical solutions, but there are a few nonsurgical male enhancement methods such as injections that increase penile girth. Techniques to increase penile length are mostly limited to penile surgery methods that cut the suspensory ligament away from the pubic bone. 

However, the scientific community generally accepts penis pumps as a temporary way to increase penis length and girth; extenders have been proven to increase penile length over time. Other methods such as supplements may help along with these "natural male enhancement" methods.

With all the options that men have to explore, consider surgical penis enlargement methods as risky and not all medical penis enlargement procedures for men are created equal! Just like men's penis size varies so does the quality of available care for medical male enhancement. Recently, a man in Sweden lost his life undergoing a free fat transfer (FFT) and lengthening surgery combined.  The free fat dislodged and traveled to his lungs. Experts claim that this is because the phallus is a very vascular organ and there may have been excess bleeding due to the surgical intervention on such a vascular organ.