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Converse rolls out skateboard footwear

NORTH Studying., Mass.--Radical situations are new at Converse lately.

The excitement occurring inside the corporate boardroom but rather inside the product area where Converse has prepared a "rad" (short for radical, too, for hardcore skaters) choice of skateboarding footwear and apparel. Converse dubbed the skateboarding campaign, "Can Not Be Stopped."

"We come across a sizable niche with this manner expression," stated Craig Franklin, marketing manager for footwear, who noted you will find an believed 20 million people associated with skateboarding. "It (theskateboard market) grows within the rapid pace and you'll be more effective next spring and summer time time time time. You'll find indications the skate information mill $200 million."

Skateboarders, who initially were land-locked surfers, range in age from 5.25, stated Franklin. However, the footwear and apparel, like surfing gear, have a very broad street appeal and so are created to transcend seaside limitations.

Since skateboard aficienados already arrived on the scene to favor the canvas Chuck Taylor, Franklin described the All-Star was segmented into three groups to go to transporting out an industry.

The apparel, which consists mostly inside the boxy, cotton oversized T-shirts that skateboarders prefer for comfort, echoes the styles inside the footwear groupings.


The Rad choice of footwear and apparel features dark colors and bold graphics for instance skeletons, and skulls and crossbones. "Needs for instance more aggressive skateboard graphics," stated Franklin, noting that morbid motifs aren't connected while using the atmosphere inside the sport.

Taking cues within the freestyle kinds of the 1960s, the skill collection uses handpainting and tiedye effects in neon shades in addition to black as well as for footwear and apparel.

The Next collection, Emblem, features black-bottom high-top footwear in wealthy dark shades in addition having a distressed leather model.

The leather shoe may also be red, black.

Wholesale prices for footwear change from $15-$27, with shirts at $7.50. All footwear or boots are produced domestically.

Distribution for that "Can Not Be Stopped" collection is geared for surf and skate shops in addition to fashion-forward shops. Converse can also be connected with amateur and professional athletes and competitions.